Beat Depression and Anxiety and Live Again

Beating depression and anxiety is worth all the work it takes because depression and anxiety feel lousy. They make their victims feel robbed. Robbed of happiness, of the joy of living. These disorders are like nasty burglars who break into homes and steal, not only the jewelery, but the little girls’ dolls and the little boys’ transformers. As in a robbery, depression and anxiety leave their victims feeling empty.


“Depression made me feel like I had been sucked into a black hole in outer space. I was all alone. I was in a vortex and there was no way out. But I’m getting out.” –Lisa


My name is Cathy Goldstein Mullin. I am a psychiatric therapist with fourteen years in the field. I have a private practice in Wenham, Massachusetts and am affiliated with a well-known teaching hospital. I work with kids, adolescents, and adults who have depression, anxiety, trauma, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and more. Some of my clients cut. Some have attempted suicide. All of my clients have come in struggling. Many have gotten so much better that they now lead rich, fulfilled lives. Does their depression and anxiety come back to haunt them? Yes, at times. But the demons don’t possess the power they once had. And my clients now have the skills to kick these demons to the curb.

Taming, sometimes beating, depression and anxiety is not magic. It is hard work, knowing what techniques work, and practicing these techniques over and over.

In my opinion, the techniques that help best with these disorders are cognitive behavioral ones. Cognitive Therapy addresses how we think, showing us how self-defeating, nasty thoughts hijack and hold the brain hostage. By learning cognitive techniques, we learn to challenge these thoughts and make them disappear. Behavioral Therapy looks at those behaviors that we do over and over, even though they make us unhappy. Behavioral techniques help us to change these behaviors and realize that as we change what we do, we change how we see ourselves.

I am so convinced that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works that I wrote a book teaching others to employ its techniques. The book is called If I Could Just Snap Out of It, Don’t You Think I Would? A Nine-Month Plan for Smashing Depression. The book is a fun-to-read, filled-with-stories, calendar-based plan for beating depression. The book’s debut date was June, 2012. The book is available for purchase on, and

I really suggest you get the book and work through it. It is very easy to use and provides a hands-on technique for toppling your depression. I believe you will find it very helpful.

So there you have it. I want to teach you how to overcome depression and anxiety. But before I can do that, you need to know what these disorders look like, what their subtypes are, and how they affect different people differently. So while some of this website will teach you about these disorders, the rest will be an attack plan. Get on your battle shoes.